Comprehensive Solutions

Historically, so-called Contract Manufacturers have focused on a business model that offered a particular 'excellence', usually involving either pricing, speed or quality. But, today's demanding marketplace continues to drive us all to pursue excellence in every aspect of our operations. We know from experience that your search for a nutraceutical contract manufacturer will challenge you to define your own priorities. Is it the requirement of shortened lead times? Or, limited initial run volumes? What about GMP certification?, or is there a specific price target?

What is critical to your business?

Choose SSI to fulfill all your needs, regardless of focus. We provide expert customer service and guarantee the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing processes.

Something New?

Because of our investment in innovation, SSI can help your product development efforts with novel format solutions for your products. One of the new technologies offered by SSI is the innovative 'Stick Pack', a convenient single-serving packet that is quickly becoming a format of choice for product developers. Our automated Stick Pack process effectively handles powders so that you can offer today's most creative solutions to your customers. Utilizing our superior environmental controls allows us fill Stick Packs with everything from amino acids, to effervescents and meal replacements.

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