Product Quick Guide

Soft Gelatin Capsules

Soft gels encapsulate soluble liquids for limited dosage nutraceuticals. SSI’s acknowledged research and development superiority is strengthened through its partnership with Japan-based Aliment Industries Co., Ltd., Asia’s most experienced manufacturer of high quality precision-made softgels. Using the highly efficient Kamata soft gel equipment, we have brought together the world-class capabilities necessary to produce advanced product with enhanced seams.

Hard-Shell Capsules

Hard shells are the preeminent choice for encapsulation of smaller dosage powdered dietary supplements. Popular with consumers due to ease in swallowing, hard shell capsules dissolve rapidly ensuring maximum ingestion and absorption. Through advanced equipment, SSI can fill powders, pellets and tablets in several different patterns for most standard sizes, allowing for 97 to 98% active ingredients with only 2 – 3% carrier. We can supplement various types of products, from easy to complicated runs. Challenge Us Today!

Small run 200,000-300,000
Mid size run 300,000-1,000,000
Large run 1,000,000+

Powder blends are the preferred choice for larger dosage supplements. SSI has extensive expertise in blending and packaging powder blends including the most popular: protein diet, fiber and meal replacement drinks. Product distribution in bulk is available as well as custom packaging, such as canister, jar or pouch.


Our knowledgeable purchasing personnel are experts in finding the right ingredients and raw materials – from the everyday to the exotic – to meet your specific product needs.


Let SSI help you with the right look for your products, from product packaging through eye-catching labels sure to help capture market share and shelf positioning. Many of our customers come to us with a rough idea, sometimes even on a napkin. Let us partner with you from sketch to final product.

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