Creative leadership

Hector A. Gudiño, Exec. Vice President and COO
Mr. Gudiño is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Select Supplements Inc. In March of 2003, he was originally hired at SSI as the Plant Manager then in January of 2004, he was promoted to Director of Operations and Sales. Prior Thereto, Mr. Gudiño began his career in the supplement and personal care industry in 1995 with Puretek Corporation. Mr. Gudiño left Puretek in 2000 with a title of Solid Dose Manager. He then became the Production Manager for Best Formulations and shortly thereafter in 2000 he was recruited as a Solid Dose Operations Manager at Nutricia USA in South Carolina. Nutricia USA was formerly known as GNP or General Nutrition Products and the manufacturing plant for General Nutrition Centers (GNC). At Nutricia, Mr. Gudiño was responsible for several projects that resulted in over $1MM in cost savings. In 2002, he was then hired as an Operations Manager for Alberto Culver and then recruited to Select Supplements Inc. in 2003. Mr. Gudiño holds a BA degree in Human Biology from the Instituto Tecnologico De Monterrey Campus, Sonora.

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